Our Main Services

At Byron Medical we have been providing following health services to our patients.

Adult and Child Health

Adult and Child Health care- We look after people of all ages. We care for pre school children, school age and teen's health advice, Men's Health check up, Womens' Health needs including cervical screening, advice on Family planning, contraception and any other needs.

Cervical Screening

Cervical screening- for woman aged 20-69 years every 3 years or earlier as part of National Cervical Screening Programme. 

Travel Vaccines/Advice

Travel Needs including Travel advice, Immunisations and Prescription Medicines.  These need to be planned well ahead.


Minor Accident Care

Minor Accident Care- We do minor wound cares, including stitching wounds, dressings, removal of foreign bodies and other wound care.



We administer all childhood and adult immunisations as per the New Zealand Immunisation Programme.  We offer travel vaccinations and other optional vaccinations including Boostrix (for Grandparents to be) and Zostavax for Shingles - unfunded for under 65's.

Other Services

We also do:  Men and Womens' Health Check Ups.  Diabetes Checkup and Management, Cardiovascular Risk Assessment.  Smoking Cessation Advice.   Asthma Management.  Minor Surgery, for example, Removal of Moles.

How Can We Help?

If you require any of the above services please call
us for an appointment on 09 486 2122.