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 Full range of General Practice service to you and your family. See below for our services.


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Mon - Fri 8.30am to 6pm


bigstock_Stethoscope_By_Computer_Keyboa_420595.jpgYou're valued as a person and an individual first rather than just a patient at Byron Medical.

We are a Family Practice located at 2, Byron Ave in Takapuna. We have been providing high quality Medical care to the community since 1958. Byron Chambers was the first purpose built Medical centre on the North Shore. Over the years we have been able to deliver health care services with an emphasis on health education and preventative Medicine to the people on the Shore and nearby. Your better health  is our priority.


If you are looking for a GP for any reason then you have come to the right place. Our books are still open for enrollment. Check out our list of services below to see how we can help you. 

Services We Provide...

  • Adult and Child Medical Care
  • Minor Accident care
  • Immunisation 
  • Immigration Medical
  • Travel Advice/ Immunisation
  • Minor Surgery
  • Repeat prescriptions


Why Enrol with us?

  • If you are enrolled then you pay less and there is continuity of care. To find out more please speak to one of our friendly staff. It will be preferred if you could bring in your passport for eligibilty purpose if you are coming in for the first time.