Flu jabs- flu infections are potentially dangerous infection that are responsible for death of more than 400 people in New Zealand every year. Every year people are adviced to get immunised against this virus by having vaccine which provides good protection. Time to have the jabs would be generally from the month of March to Aug every year. Please enquire us for more details.

Smoking cessation- you may be already aware that New Zealand is joining some other countries in the world in becoming non smoking nation by 2025. It is found that most people who smoke desire to quit as they are aware of the adverse effects of smoking. It is also found that people who seek Professional help to quit smoking have higher rates of success than those who do it just by themselves. There are diferent options available and we would be very happy to discuss with you if you are a smoker.

Whooping cough/ Pertusis vaccination- Pertusis or Whooping cough was at epidemic levels in New Zealand in 2012. In 2012 there were 5793 reported cases and two deaths. Infants aged under one year are at greatest risk.Therefore, timely immunisation of these infants is very essential to prevent this infection in the community. Pertusis booster vaccinations in combintation Tdap vaccine are fully subsidised as of January 2013 for pregnant women between 28-38 weeks of gestation. Pleas see us for more information about how you can vaccinate yourself or your family.

Meningococcal disease- As you may be aware that we have had outbreak of Meningococcal disease in some parts of the country which carries a significant mortality. We do have vaccine against certain strains of the bacteria which is extensively used throughout the world. Once again please enquire with one of the nurses about this if you would like yourself or your child to be vaccinated. 

Measles: We have had big outbreak of Measles from beginning of 2014 till June 2014 in Auckland region with about 112 cofirmed cases . There are still cases being reported in other parts of the country. It is highly recommended that children at appropriate age groups have theie usual MMR vaccination but also adults who are unsure or are travelling overseas are recommended to see their health proffessionals to get advice regarding vaccination.