PLEASE PHONE US so we can manage your medical needs appropriately for you.

PLEASE DO NOT JUST TURN UP TO THE SURGERY.    For the sake of reducing the risk to other patients and staff you will be asked to return to your car immediately.


The same applies if you are visiting SHORECARE and after-hours clinics. 

Flu Vaccination - Influenza is a potentially dangerous infection that is responsible for pneumonia, hospital admissions and the death of more than 400 people in New Zealand every year. Every year people are advised to have the Influenza Vaccination which provides good protection. The time for this is generally from March to August every year. Please enquire for more details.

Smoking Cessation- New Zealand is aiming to become smoke free by 2025. Many smokers' wish to stop as they are aware of the dangers of smoking.  People who seek professional help to quit smoking have higher rates of success than those who try by themselves. There are diferent options available and we would be very happy to discuss this with you if you are a smoker.

Whooping cough/ Pertussis vaccination- Pertussis or Whooping cough was at epidemic levels in New Zealand in 2012 when there were 5793 reported cases and two deaths. Infants aged under one year are at greatest risk. Timely immunisation of these infants is essential to prevent this infection in the community. Pertussis booster vaccination in combintation as DTaP vaccine (Tetanus, diptheria and acellular pertussis) is fully subsidised for pregnant women between 28-38 weeks of gestation.  Please see us for more information about this vaccine.

Meningococcal Disease- There is ongoing Meningococcal disease in some parts of the country which carries a significant mortality. There are  vaccines against certain strains of Meningitis available. Funding is available for certain at risk people for example young people in close living situations.  Please enquire with one of the nurses about this if you would like yourself or your child to be vaccinated. 

Measles: We have had several outbreaks of Measles and it is strongly recommended that children in appropriate age groups have their usual MMR vaccinations.  Adults who are unsure if they have measles immunity or who are travelling overseas are recommended to see their health professional for advice regarding this vaccination.